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About Us


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Why these products are my passion?

Once upon a time there was this little girl named Cherie Bellows who had a very tender head. Cherie had a 2 week routine that she became familiar with that consumed of her back on the kitchen counter, Cream of Nature shampoo and hair rollers.  She suffered through this process by the hands of her mom with hair combs and brushes just to be pretty and of course have tamed hair.

Lack of hair products during this time made her hair routine painful. She was determined to master braiding so she practiced on her dolls head for endless hours. She made her very first money at the age of 5 braiding a women’s hair. As time went on with her practice, she was able to prove to her mom by the 3rd grade, that she could comb her own hair; her mom released the job to her. Cherie continued to go through her discovery process with hair and discovered new products to help her master her hair and others. She began to earn money by doing hair in her neighborhood and she decided that cosmetology school was one of her creative ways of earning a fun income. Through her years as a cosmetologist, she has learned that many women with various hair textures share the same concern,want and need. That is when Cherie birthed Hair Confidence hair products. Healthy hair and hair growth was the most common concern, so she launched her first product called Kazi Oil which promotes growing hair and a healthy scalp. Her goal is to build self Confidence with women and men  providing products that service the public uniting all textures.

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